Spring/Summer 2015 fashion trends you should follow

Spring 2015 fashion trends

Top 5 Suede

“With a vaguely seventies mood in the air, the look of suede was bound to make an appearance on the runways. Trench coats, A-line skirts, and classic boot-cut pants came with a soft touch. ” ——vogue


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Top 4 Gingham

“Gingham prints aren’t anything new, but for Spring 2015, designers are honing in on a new way of presenting them. Presented in a range of colors that best any picnic tablecloth, they’re likely to find fans beyond the more traditional wearer. Anything but precious, this print — whether blown up in size or sexed up in sheers — is primed for a street-style-worthy comeback.”——Popsugar


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Top 3 Denim

“The most American of textiles in more iterations (Dresses! Coats! Pants! Jumpsuits!) than you can shake a leg at; from dark wash to lace-up, bedazzled and more—it’s jean genius.” ——Vogue


Top 2 Head-to-toe white

“At this point, it isn’t about the rules of when you can wear all-white; it’s about how you wear it. New styling tricks include mixing textures, layering multiple pieces, and teaming various shades.” ——Glamour


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Top 1 Boho everywhere

“Ditch your mini-skirts and tank tops for something a bit more romantic (and comfortable). The new boho look for spring 2015 comes courtesy of designers such as Vera Wang, who sent soft floor-sweeping dresses down the runway; Dries Van Noten, who got creative with funky prints; and Tommy Hilfiger, who dressed his models in hippie looks with a twist.” ——Huffingtonpost


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Never afraid to try a new style and always looks effortlessly glamorous. Tell me which new trend you will follow?