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Different Color with Life

Different people have different feeling during different time at different place.

We can judge different feelings with colors. Red means happy while blue means sad. Every color can refract human emotions which is closely linked with our daily life.


Black is regarded as the domination of all colors and it represents serious. We choose black on Monday just to draw its positive energy, so that we can quickly enter the best working state. Then we can conquer all the trouble with absolute courage.



Tuesday & Wednesday

Blue reads most widely among all the colors, which makes you feel the blooming life. On Tuesday and Wednesday we need blue to remind us of keeping calm without impatient.



Thursday & Friday

Orange color is not so aggressive as red, nor depressed as black. It’s such a warm color that choose orange on Thursday and Friday. It means an approve for the work we have done and also a happy hope for the coming weekend.




Red is the incarnation of enthusiasm and optimism, and it represents all the happiness.We use red on weekend to inspire and relax yourself and enjoy our life.


2014 Lovelywholesale Holiday gift guide

2014 Lovelywholesale Holiday gift guide

Hey! Guys! Holidays are here and that means its time to get gifting! Maybe you have made some new friends in 2014. So you need more budget for more gifts. Don’t worry. Lovelywholesale has thought for you with it. She has rounded up the absolute best items to help you pick the perfect present with small budget for that special pal, family member, or office mate. And you guys are all Lovelywholesale’s dearest friends. So she prepared some gifts for you, waiting for you to grab them!

Gift For Her

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Gift For Him, Kids, and More

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Gift for You. (Offered by Lovelywholesale)

 Lovelywholesale Christmas sale                   Lovelywholesale Christmas sale 2

* Just click the gift you want! Good luck!

Happy holiday and happy shopping!

How to dress slits at holiday party

How to wear slits in holiday party

When planning our party outfits, we always in a dilemma. How to wear in an attention-grabbing ensemble? How to be edgy? If you like following award ceremony or celebs party, you will never miss a funky detail—slit. Slit dress are popular in yesteryear and the time being also in future. Slits that go up to the pelvic bones really are all the rage these days. So if you have missed the shows I have prepared a big gift for you. Following are the slit-dressing celebs collection I have searched online. (It’s too much I just picked some.) I guess you guys are bored to listen to me to explain the occasions of each outfit. So pictures are the focus. Take a peek!

red slit dress

white slit dresswhite slit dress-riritwo black slit dresseskardashian slit dressblack slit dresswhite slit dress-2

blue slit dress-kim

side slit dress

Well, finished the photos, do you get some points with your holiday party? I hope so. And……it is not the end. Lovelywholesale have prepared another surprise for you. She knows how hard it is to choose a right piece in such big online market. Here are collection with the sassy hot slit dresses and some matched kicks like pointed heels, platform pumps……

lovelywholesale yellow slit & heels

Slit & Heels

lovelywholesale slits collection

Outfit A: Two-piece blue side slit & Sandals

Outfit B: Crossed halter neck side slit & Pumps

Outfit C: Plunging neckline slit & Pumps

lovelywholesale plunging neckline dress & boots

Slit & Boots

lovelywholesale slits

Outfit A: V-neck white ankle length dress & Sandals

Outfit B: V-neck pink party dress & Pumps

Outfit C: Round collar black dress & Sandals


Were you wooed? Go to grab them! You will be pretty hard to resist with them on.

Chic and sporty kicks choose——Wedge-Heel Sneakers


Wedge-Heel Sneakers


Are you tired of the stilettos and pumps in the street? Just trade your heels for sneakers. The wedge heel sneaker has been the pop divas’ new fave thanks to its sporty and comfortable. Wedge heel sneakers are not only funky and cozy but can make you a good figure with its concealed wedge heels. How did Nicole Scherzinger, Fergie, Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus and others flaunt their sneakers? I will give you a sneak peek.

Nicole was decked in a sporty chic attire of sweater, skirt, tights, and wedge sneakers for a train ride.



Fergie, the Black Eyed Peas vocalist performs her latest single, L.A. Love at the 2014 American Music Awards, decked in a printed bodysuit and a pair of gold knee-high sneakers.


Beyoncé was in her sneakers when she hopped on a private plane while still wearing her glimmering Vrettos Vrettakos dress following her performance at the 2014 Brit Awards.


Miley was in her white furry coat and thigh-high high-heeled lace-up sneakers. The shoes were fierce, but even more so was Miley, who sported nothing but football-inspired knickers underneath the topper.


Amal Clooney dressed in comfortable but chic attire that included black skinny jeans worn with a white shirt and an uber gorgeous snake-print biker jacket for the plane ride with her husband. She capped off her look with dark eyewear, a Balenciaga bag, and a pair of buckled wedge sneakers.


We need a pair of sneakers in our wardrobe! Would you rock sneakers with hidden heels in the wedge?

If so, go on and get your life and shop these wedge-heel sneakers below:

Cheap Vintage Lace-up Wedges super high heel sneakers_lovelywholesale                          Cheap Vintage Lace-up Wedges Super High Heel black sneakers_lovelywholesale

      Lace-up white                                             Lace-up black

Buckle Design Rivets Decorated Wedges Super High Heel White sneakers                          Buckle Design Rivets Decorated Wedges Super High Heel White sneakers

     Rivets white                                                   Rivets black