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Chic and sporty kicks choose——Wedge-Heel Sneakers


Wedge-Heel Sneakers


Are you tired of the stilettos and pumps in the street? Just trade your heels for sneakers. The wedge heel sneaker has been the pop divas’ new fave thanks to its sporty and comfortable. Wedge heel sneakers are not only funky and cozy but can make you a good figure with its concealed wedge heels. How did Nicole Scherzinger, Fergie, Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus and others flaunt their sneakers? I will give you a sneak peek.

Nicole was decked in a sporty chic attire of sweater, skirt, tights, and wedge sneakers for a train ride.



Fergie, the Black Eyed Peas vocalist performs her latest single, L.A. Love at the 2014 American Music Awards, decked in a printed bodysuit and a pair of gold knee-high sneakers.


Beyoncé was in her sneakers when she hopped on a private plane while still wearing her glimmering Vrettos Vrettakos dress following her performance at the 2014 Brit Awards.


Miley was in her white furry coat and thigh-high high-heeled lace-up sneakers. The shoes were fierce, but even more so was Miley, who sported nothing but football-inspired knickers underneath the topper.


Amal Clooney dressed in comfortable but chic attire that included black skinny jeans worn with a white shirt and an uber gorgeous snake-print biker jacket for the plane ride with her husband. She capped off her look with dark eyewear, a Balenciaga bag, and a pair of buckled wedge sneakers.


We need a pair of sneakers in our wardrobe! Would you rock sneakers with hidden heels in the wedge?

If so, go on and get your life and shop these wedge-heel sneakers below:

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